AHCN Profiles

The Board

The board of AHCN is comprised of an international and multi-disciplinary group committed to improve health care services in Rural Nepal:

Mr. David Kovacs (Danish), Stud. Polyt. Biomedical, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and University of Copenhagen, davidkvcs@gmail.com
Board member at AHCN as Founder and President, President of Engineering World Health at DTU.

Dr. Justin Jung Malla (Nepali), M.B.B.S, Doctors License: N.M.C no. 11941, mallajustinjung@gmail.com
Director, Board member at AHCN as Founder and Field Clinical Expert.

Dr. Saujan Shrestha (Nepali) M.B.B.S,  Doctors license: N.M.C-no.12162, drsaujanshrestha@gmail.com Board member at AHCN as Field Clinical Expert.

Mr. Rajkumar Silwal (Nepali), MBA graduate from University of West London. rajkumarsilwal@gmail.com
Board member at AHCN and Director of Finance and Administration. Semi-professional Photographer.

Ms. Ashley Reid (American), Stud. Polyt. Biomedical, Duke Pratt School of Engineering, ashleykreid.reid@gmail.com
Board member at AHCN, Developing World Health Technologies academic representative.

Supervisors and advisors

AHCN is brings together young academics who have the energy and necessary physical condition to be on a mission in the most remote areas of Nepal. It is important for us to receive guidance from our academic superiors. Thus it is the specific aim of AHC to assemble an international and multidisciplinary executive board comprised of experienced academics by February 2015. Currently we are proud to have received the support of central figures in Nepali Health Care:

Prof. Dr. Harish Chandra Neupane
Professor of Surgery, Chairman and Managing Director
General, Laparoscopic, Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgeon
Chitwan Medical College

Dr. Arjun Karki
Professor and Founder
Patan Academy

Dr. Nirmal Rimal
Project Coordinator
Association of Medical Doctors Nepal

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