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Letter from the Founder

Dear all,

Since the earthquake six days ago our Nepali friends from Access Health Care have been doing all they can to assist the re-establishment of Nepal.

AHC consists of folks much like myself; we are a group of young and dynamic students and professionals in the fields of medicine, nursing, public health and engineering.
The task we are facing is not an easy one and the post-earthquake situation is complicated. Things ares chaotic and as we are working in the field we find many controversies about what should be done and how it should be done. 

We do not say that we know the golden solution to the issues that are currently arising and we know that efforts must be diverse and many. However, I can guarantee that our friends are doing all in their power to help. We have a plan, and as we proceed we will adjust to the reality that we meet to the best of our ability.

We have created this site to update you all about our work and we highly appreciate you all following, sharing and creating awareness about the present situation in Nepal.

For those of you who wish to help, donations to our work are can be given through www.acchealthcare.org. All the funding we receive is spent exclusively for the emergency response and the long-term purpose of AHC.

David Kovacs
Founder, AHC.

AHCN #10 – Bhattechaur and Sisne Views

After a 14 hour walk we had finally arrived in Bhattechaur, the furthest village we would reach.

Before we would proceed to conduct our first health camp in the village, we went to an incredible view point from which we could see the Southern end of the Dhaulagiri mountain range, namely Sisne peak of 5911 metres, the highest point of Rukum.

This gallery contains photos of mountain side villages, the people of Bhattechaur and the mountain views. The gallery is one of my favourites; it really shows the true beauty of Nepal.

AHCN #8 – Meeting with the Local Development Officer of Rukum

Before proceeding to Rukumkot, we had a meeting with Mr. Bharat Sharma, the Local Development Officer of Rukum, to talk about the health care needs of the district, and about and how AHCN and possibly also EWH could help the region. We agreed with Mr. Bharat Sharma to arrange a visit to the Salle Bajjar District Hospital that very same day (post about the visit coming up tomorrow). Furthermore Mr. Bharat Sharma ensured that it would be possible to bring EWH volunteers to the region and we agreed to collaborate in phase 2 and 3 of the AHCN effort in Rukum.

AHCN #7 Musikot

Musikot (in the same area as Jumlikhalanga and Salle Bajjar) is the administrative centre of Rukum. Dr. Justin of our team lived here while still a child, before moving to Kathmandu. During our visit we stayed at their beautiful traditional Nepali house, where Justins grandmother still lives.

During our stay we also met Mr. Chandra Bahadur Malla, a teacher from Rukumkot, who would be our guide on the way to Sisne and back the following 3 days.